Thursday, 29 December 2016

SEO Chester

Today I launched the new SEO Chester page and it went straight to #13 for “SEO Chester” with zero backlinks which is an amazing result.

The main purpose of this page is to connect with Chester-based customers interested in SEO and help local businesses gain more Google traffic.
Right now, the priority is to get this page to top 3 for the keywords SEO Chester and Chester SEO so that it starts bringing new customers interested in search engine optimisation in Chester, Cheshire.

Wednesday, 28 December 2016

SEO Wirral

Hi guys, I hope you had a wonderful Christmas. I'd like to show you my SEO Wirral section: for customers based in Wirral.

If you are looking for an SEO expert in Wirral, check out that page and get in touch with me. I've got plenty of experience ranking local SEO Wirral clients so I'm sure you will love the service.

Why would you need SEO in Wirral?
Because every business needs online exposure to grow. SEO is an amazing way to get more customers interested in your services and products.

Monday, 24 October 2016

Join my local SEO community

Guys, quick announcement. My SEO community on Google+ is now available. Request to join today!

I talk a lot about SEO and local problems for SEO Liverpool. Make sure to join the discussion.

The easiest way to get a strong authority backlink on

The best backlinks are the ones that come from authoritative domains that pass a lot of relevancy.

Recently, I came across which is a great platform for petition but also a perfect opportunity to get a backlink.

All I had to do is write a petition and submit it and it's published automatically. This is an amazing thing for your SEO. Make sure that you don't spam and actually post something worthwile.

Thursday, 13 October 2016

Are You A Local Business Owner in Liverpool? Consider SEO Investment

This post originally appeared on my website.

If you’re a website owner that offers local services in Liverpool and surrounding areas then make sure to read this post. I’ll cover the benefits for small, medium and big businesses when it comes to ranking in local search results for Liverpool.

First of all, why would you bother ranking locally? Simply because the competition is much lower and there’s plenty of low-hanging fruits that almost nobody targets.

Let’s say you’re a local roofing company that offers roofing services in Liverpool and within a 20 miles radius. If you’re a new business, it will be tricky to get leads from referrals. It’s mostly established brands that could cut all their traffic sources and still get plenty of work from satisfied customers who would recommended them to their friends.

Other options for your roofing company could be advertising in local newspapers but it’s not highly targeted so only a small fraction of the traffic would convert. You could go to niche-specific newspapers yet a big part of the audience would be spread out all over the country and you’re only offering roofing services in Liverpool.

Alternatively, you could use Google Adwords and target various roofing-related keywords. The only problem is the cost. Google Adwords is can get very expensive. And there are no guarantees as you pay for a click and not for a lead. Most businesses can’t afford paid advertising campaigns at the beginning and keep things profitable.

So what’s the solution? It’s SEO – search engine optimisation. When you go to Google and type in “roofing companies Liverpool”, you’ll see a few ads at the very top, a map with local businesses and organic rankings. If you’d like to see your business on the map and the first page of Google, you need to invest in SEO.

Search engine optimisation is all about making sure that your website sends the right signals to Google’s algorithm and consequently, ranks high for your desired keywords. If you decide to go with my SEO service in Liverpool, soon enough, If you decide to go with my SEO service in Liverpool, soon enough, you’ll start getting traffic from Google search engine. In the opposite to Adwords, you’ll not pay me for a click. Instead, I charge a monthly fee that is a lot more affordable than spending money on paid advertisement. Let’s say you’re going after “roofing Liverpool” and related terms.

First of all, you’ll need to prepare for at least 3 Month worth of investment because SEO takes time. If you’ve found an SEO agency that promises results within weeks, they’re lying to you and just trying to get you as a client.

During the first 3 months and afterwards, you’ll be seeing traffic and profit increases. You’ll begin appearing for more terms in Google which means more targeted traffic to your website. The more quality traffic you get, the more leads you can generate which then impacts the bank account of your business.

If you’re a roofing company and wish to target Liverpool, you should be prepared for £500+ monthly investment based on the competitiveness of this niche. Once I rank you, you keep paying a monthly maintenance fee. At this point, SEO becomes free because you’ll get enough leads to cover my monthly fee and make good profit on the top of that. At the end of the day, giving you return on your investment is my ultimate goal because this puts us into a WIN-WIN situation.

Would you like to learn more about my SEO services? Make sure to get in touch!

SEO Liverpool Expert - Let me help you with your SEO

Are you looking for an SEO Liverpool service that actually gives you return on your investment? Look no further!

Contact me if you'd like to start your SEO campaign today.
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Monday, 15 August 2016

Oskar SEO is here - time to shake the SEO scene

Hi blogger community! I'm Oskar Nowik, the guy behind Oskar SEO. I'm based in Liverpool and offer SEO services to clients from Liverpool and other local areas.

My passion for search engine optimisation makes me an expert that you can trust when it comes to taking your website to the top of Google. For SEO in Liverpool, make sure to get in touch with me.

I'm going to update this blog with more profiles soon. Right now, this is the first Web 2.0 property that I've created to take active part in the SEO community and get more exposure.

If there is anything related to SEO that you need help with, contact me at or call me: 0151 541 3045.